Collection of Scientific Papers «Regional Problems of Architecture and Urban Planning» is a forum for publications of scientific works and researchers in the field of architecture and urban planning. Information about concentration in the history, current states and prospects of development of architecture and town-planning in Ukraine, also the authors widely consecrated foreign experience. The published articles present the results of research that can develop theoretical knowledge in the field of architecture and urban planning and put them into real design. The activity of the collection allows to create open scientific discussions and to discuss conclusions on topical issues of architecture and town-planning. The article also provides a critical assessment of architectural and urban development activities in the regions, analysis of publications and fundamental works, information on scientific meetings.

  Aims and objectives of the scientific collection «Regional problems of architecture and urban planning»:
• the editorial board is committed to the creation and development of a peer-reviewed scientific publication, meeting high international requirements;
• facilitating the creation of favorable conditions for the development of sciences related to architecture and urban planning;
• promoting the increase of the level of scientific research by providing the possibility of prompt publication of scientific articles (research results) and providing open access to all interested persons to all published materials;
• promoting the consolidation of the international scientific community;
• providing the scientific community with opportunities for open scientific discussions and exchange of views on current issues of architecture and urban planning;
• promoting the sciences related to architecture and urban planning and the experience of implementing scientific developments in these fields of knowledge;
• exchange of experience of teaching the sciences related to architecture and urban planning;
• increase of activity of publications of national authors, rating of scientific organizations of Ukraine and level of national publications in the world scientific community according to their citation;
• organizing and conducting conferences, seminars and roundtables on architecture and urban planning.

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The list of thematic sections
  • Urban planning.
  • Architecture of buildings and structures.
  • Theory of architecture. Restoration of monuments.
  • Design of architectural environment.
  • Architectural and Art education.


All publications are checked for plagiarism by –

Articles are published in English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Periodicity of the edition – once a year

Article review

Reviewing of articles is performed independently by two doctors of engineering or one doctor of science, if the co-author of the article is a doctor of science or professor. One of the reviewers is necessarily a Ukrainian or foreign member of the editorial board.

The reviewer, in writing or in electronic form, submits to the editor a review confirming that the article complies with the requirements, possible comments and conclusions regarding acceptance of the article for publication or its rejection. The review form is outlined below, which contains criteria for accepting or rejecting the article.

For the authors of the articles the review is anonymous, the names of the reviewers are not included in the issues of the collection. The review period is no more than two weeks.

Comments of the reviewers in need of correction are forwarded to the author by the responsible secretary of the collection. The author's replies and the corrected version of the article are again forwarded to the reviewer. An article can only be published if there are two positive reviews.


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